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About Us


Thank you for visiting our site!  We're excited that you're here and want to make your gift-giving experience with us your best one yet!

We're two Texan sisters, living in Dallas, who grew up with the philosophy that giving gifts is essential to strengthening relationships and increasing love between one another (a philosophy that's a combination between our Texan Southern hospitality, Indian heritage, and our faith values).

But we noticed a problem; with every new occasion, milestone, or holiday it's getting harder and harder for people to live up to this philosophy. Finding that perfect gift for family members, friends, and colleagues every year, for every occasion, is becoming stressful. You are stuck between getting them a plain old gift card (again!) or some tech gadget/accessory that they probably won't need or use.  

The art of giving high-quality, beautiful, thoughtful gifts is slowly dying!

We get it though, who has time to think of the perfect gift idea, find the ideal products, wrap them beautifully, box them up, and then ship and deliver on time, not forgetting to include that handwritten note! It's an exhausting and time-consuming process!

And that’s exactly why we started Sweet Greetings - your online boutique gift box shop to send personalized, high quality, thoughtful gift boxes to your friends and loved ones with ease.

We source high-quality, ethical, luxury products from around the country (and even different parts of the world!) to make you look good and show that you genuinely care.

We want to make your gift-giving experience as effortless as 1-2-3. All we need from you are a few details about yourself, your preference and which address to send it to and we'll take care of the rest!

Our vision is to help people build beautiful & lasting relationships through the art of gift-giving - not only for family and friends on select special occasions, but also for the people who make life sweet and memorable - whether it’s the neighbour who helped you clean your garage, the teacher who helped your child read her first words, maybe even the gentleman who dutifully picks up your trash every week.  Express your gratitude through one of our thoughtful gift boxes. We want  to make it easy (& fun!) for you to spread love, show you care and be kind to everyone around you.

Ready to give? Ready to gift? What are you waiting for?! Place your first order with us today! After all, a gift is not just a gift ;)

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